Get A Discount Of 23670-30300 Injector On China’s Mid-Autumn Festival

by 05/09/2022

Welcome to follow’s product promotion activity. For the coming China’s Mid-Autumn Festival of 23670-30300, is giving discount on 23670-30300 fuel injector.

During the promotion period, customers can get a reasonable discount according to their quantity and amount of orders. Plus has prepared extra gifts and technical training material for customers.

But first, let’s learn about some information of 23670-30300 fuel injector for your purchase reference.

 23670-30300 Fuel Injector Brief Introduction

Common rail 23670-30300 fuel injector, as we all know, suits for G2 series injectors. In this passage, will Introduce 23670-30300 fuel injector part number’s common written, application information one by one.

23670-30300 Fuel Injector Common Written

The number 23670-30300 is one of its written ways, it is easy for people to remember. However, the number engraving on the nozzle from factory is 23670-30300, and in some countries have different ways of searching habit, so that leads to many ways of 23670-30300 fuel injector’s written. Usually they are:

Injector Part Number Universal Number Universal Number
23670-30300 095000-7750 /

23670-30300 Fuel Injector Application Information

It is important to choose the correct type of fuel injector for your injector, they are both applicable for completely different injectors, and when you are looking for fuel injectors, we believe the following information on the injectors they are applicable for will help you.

Injector Part Number TOYOTA Car Model  Car Model Car Model
095000-7760 23670-39276 / /
095000-7750 23670-30300 / /

Above are basic information for 23670-30300 fuel injector, if you are interested in more details of 23670-30300, please check:

23670-30300 technical file:

23670-30300 encyclopedia:

After learning the information of 23670-30300 fuel injector, do you find it fit for your vehicle? If it is the right one, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and get your fuel injector for the best price.